My Tasks needs a major redesign and functionality

Hello Asana team,
I think that My Tasks has been left hanging and in need of major improvement.

  • tasks cannot be moved through sections other than with drag and drop
  • filters are very limited
  • user needs cannot be met, given how most people use Asana / some tasks are pending, some are “some day”, some are “depending on something”, etc. and now all are in one huge pile
  • custom fields are not available, which I understand because it will devalue the business tier, but prioritization is basically impossible or really hard and manual to do
    And many more use cases and needs that currently cannot be met.

There was a questionnaire from you about what we need and propose and nothing since.
Can you please provide some insight as to your plans regarding My Tasks and what and when can be expected.

Asana has the policy of keeping us in the dark until the end, but I would like to advocate that this is changed.

Thank you!