"My tasks" loses filtering?



It seems like this just disappeared today, I use the filtering option heavily every day to see which tasks I completed since yesterday to help me seed my scrum updates. Now I can only show all completed tasks sorted by completion date and have to go through them one at a time to see if it’s within the time frame desired :frowning:


@Alex3, thank you for your feedback. As part of changes we’re making to the app, we’ve removed that pre-set view, and I really appreciate hearing what’s working (and what’s not!) about the changes we make.

In the interim, you can timebox your Advanced Search with Completed Date, and set that to “Within the Last” and put 1 for the day. Once you save that search, it will dynamically update to show you all Tasks completed in the last day (which you can then filter further by assignee or Project). Let me know what you think!


@Sara, I’m also a user looking for the removed function for a while today. Since my team has been using the sorting and toggle option to see the completed tasks within a certain period of time while keeping the priority listing in User’s Task page, we were actually getting lost to find mistakenly completed tasks and/or are unable to review what’s a set of completed tasks in My Tasks list after today’s update.

As you mentioned in your reply to @Alex3, though I tried to use the search function, these search results are unable to keep the priority list in User’s Tasks list including Today, Upcoming and Later. In that way, we are unable to reorganize those completed tasks in “New” section… Although as a workflow, those New Tasks may be better being moved to Today or other sections before completing them, the missing function helps my teammates’ tasks organized by a manger a lot… :frowning:


Hi @Sara,

I can see how we could use advanced searches to meet our needs, but setting up so many (one for my tasks and one per project) is a lot of overhead and I’m not clear on what the value added by this change is? Are there plans to address this gap with better UX?