My tasks: Implement sections based on due dates (e.g. in different weeks)

We have recently implemented Asana in my company, and we are huge fans. I use My Tasks as my base of everything I do. I have implemented Sections called:

17FEB2020/2020W08 (with due date Sunday 16FEB2020)

  • task 1
  • task 2
  • task 3

24FEB2020/2020W09 (with due date Sunday 23FEB2020), etc.

  • task 4
  • task 5

to divide all my tasks into the upcoming weeks. This is a very helpful thing for me, and my colleagues have implemented this as well. It is, unfortunately, I quite big task to do this for the 52 weeks of the year. Do you have an option to implement this automatically? Does it already exist? Or is this something that could be implemented?

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There is an existing thread to require “custom” sections in My Tasks, maybe the @moderators can merge your thread. Also you posted in the API section of the forum :slight_smile:

I moved it to Tips & Tricks.

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