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Hi :wave:,

I just finished the first version of a new tool called “My Tasks cleaner”. The goal of this new tool is to help Asana users, especially new comers, clean up their My Tasks view, one task at a time.

For each task, you’ll have a couple of direct options: snooze for several weeks or months, move to Today, delegate, skip…

I am eager to hear feedback and ideas for new actions! For Certified Pros, I believe this is a good tool to use for a first meeting to clean up My Tasks quickly.



Hey @Bastien_Siebman,

Wow, this is really cool! I’m going to have to play around with it in some more detail.

Two initial comments:

  • Maybe you want to have a “back” option to go back to an item you already dealt with or skipped. (Then again, maybe you DON’T want to let the user go back, so as to force them to deal with each item!)

  • It shows me the sections (really “separators” in technical terms) that I’ve set up in My Tasks, which aren’t really tasks to deal with; so you might want to add some code which skips tasks where is_rendered_as_separator == true

I’ll add the back button to the possible features! Removing sections is a good idea!

Thanks. I believe the actions I added are pretty basic (and/or lame depending on your point of view) but I am sensing some potential with other actions…

Great Tool. Will be mentioning this to many clients.
Idea: Add a voting button on upcoming options so that you have an idea on what people want to be implemented next.

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Lovely. I need this tool to manage my own tasks… AWESOME.

This is awesome! I’m definitely going to share this with some of my team because I know they struggle a lot with managing their task lists!

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I just deployed the discard of sections :wink: thanks @Phil_Seeman

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