My Tasks Changes: Rules: Move Section In One Direction Only

As you’re probably well aware. There’s some great benefits to the new My Tasks page, but it’s also must have broken a lot of peoples Asana experience.

In the previous implementation, the tasks would only move in one direction: Later → Upcomming → Today.

I think there should be an option to make sure tasks only filter in one direction. so you could choose something like:

Only Promote Tasks - Only applies the rule in the following cases:

  1. List View: where the From Section is below the To Section.
  2. Board View: where the From Column is to the left of the To Column

In the above, I mean the rule is causing the task to move from the From Section to the To Section

Only Demote Tasks - does the opposite of the above

However, now, the tasks can move in both directions. This is particularly annoying in our organisation as we have global staff. So, someone in New Zealand will set another staffer a task for tomorrow, but by the time that the assigned to staffer logs in, that task will have been moved out of their recently assigned and into their tomorrow, making it harder to understand what’s going on.

Also, when working on a task that is due in 7 days, but is in your “Today” section due to the needing to be worked one very day, it will get moved when you aren’t expecting it.

This also relates to, which offers slightly more flexibility, but I believe that this style of applying the rule would lead to less overhead

Just to highlight this issue when working across time zones. One of the staff I worked with got a task assigned to them outside of their working hours. This task then automatically got moved into tomorrow before they started their work day. Then it is only surfaced to them when it comes into Today.