My Task View Suggestion - Filter by Project Column



Hello Asana Community!

This is my first community post and wanted to suggest a new filter feature.

I have recently joined a Tax Accounting firm in Marketing and have implemented Asana to manage our team’s ongoing Marketing projects using predominantly project Boards with the columns “To Do, In Progress, In Review, Done”. As we have multiple Boards going (approximately 10-15 projects at one time), most team members are using the ‘My Tasks’ view to manage their tasks day to day across all projects via this view instead of having to jump in and out of multiple boards.

My suggestion is - Can we have a filter view by Project Columns? My vision is essentially the existing sort by Project view in My Tasks, but broken down again with subheadings of each column (e.g. To Do, In Progress, In Review, Done) so that we can easily see per project what stage/column that task is up to?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes, that would be fantastic.
Especially when working with several projects with the same column titles - you can group them together (e.g. for overlapping week planning etc.)


Huge Plus 1 for me. I use boards across multiple projects, each board having the same Kanban style columns (Backlog, Up Next, In Progress, On Hold and Complete).
Being able to filter My Tasks on column title is more of a necessity than a nice to have.
e.g. Filter all tasks which are ‘In Progress’ across each of the boards.
Seeing all tasks, including those in the backlog for each project, just gives a cluttered view which is not useful.
Hopefully someone at Asana responds to this suggestion soon as it’s clearly getting quite old now.



Completely agree on this being very important.

I just joined the community to up-vote this since this feature is missing as I’m working on onboarding my team. It’s difficult for team members who all work across multiple projects to get a clean view of what’s a priority.

The workaround right now is to just not assign anyone until it’s in progress. That’s great for KANBAN style work management, but makes it difficult for work planning.