My Task Prioritization Buttons in Task Pane

I want to be able to search for tasks and make them upcoming or set for today if I change the date. It currently is difficult because I have to search for the task and use the shortcut to adjust my task. I don’t mind searching for the task but making a button would be nice instead of having to use the shortcut.

Welcome to the Forum @Armando_Lopez_Jr :wave: and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

If I understood correctly, you would like to have a button to move tasks between priority sections, right?

This is currently possible. To achieve that, you just need to hover over the task you want to move and click the icon at the end of the task. Please see the screenshot below

You can learn more about it in the following Guide article:

I hope this is what you are referring to Armando! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question or comment!

Hi Natalia,

Thank you for the welcome!

That is correct from my tasks this button is available. However, a majority of long term planned tasks are buried in my later section. The only easy way to find one in there is to search for it. Once you find it and change a date, you either wait till the following day for my tasks to get updated or use the keyboard shortcut. There isn’t a button that allows you to make this change when you’re on a task.

Got it @Armando_Lopez_Jr! Thank you for the follow-up!

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Have a great week Armando!

Sounds good @Natalia. Thanks!

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