My Task always available

When you have multiple projects and you are navigating thru them, would be handy to have your task available without to switch or leave your current work. You have to multitask, so will be useful to have the same experience in the tool

A top level icon that when mouse over it would display all your task kind in the same view on a floating layer. This way you could be able to see, add or validate a new task is been assigned and managed to you.

Hope this idea resonates.


Interesting idea, I upvoted!

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Love this idea - or maybe could be a window setting where it can permanently display o the right or left in a column to make it easy for use.

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Added my vote.

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I like this, added my vote!

Right now I accomplish this in the browser by having multiple windows of Asana open, one always showing My Tasks, and the other for whatever project im in. I recognize that this works well for me only because I have a display large enough to support multiple windows (with multiple tabs lol) open at once, so I definitely see the value in being able to quickly check on My Tasks without loosing the context of the project you are in.

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Exactly, that’s precisely what I do, having multiple windows open.
Great you like it!

Yep, me too!