My rules arn't working

I have several rules that do work but the following don’t work and I have no clue why:

I have added the approvel to my task. Then I made a rule when for example the approvel is declined, the task must go to a different section. But when the approvel is changed, nothing happens.

I also made two custom fields. I have set up a rule that when the value of the first field is X then the second custom field must be deleted. Again, nothing happens.

Could you please help me? Thanks in advance!

Hi @Jenske_Meijs

Would you be able to provide screenshots so we can get a better understanding of the issue?

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Hi @Mike_Tammaro ,

Thank you for your reply. Yes of course.
I can only embed one picture since I’m new, so I will make two reply’s.

In the first one you can see the rule I have set: when the custom field ‘Impact of change’ is set to ‘Minor’, the custom field 'Clinial evaluation adapted? ’ needs to be deleted.
In the second picture you can see, that the rule isn’t working. I have set it to minor, but the other custom field is still there.


And here is the second picture:

This is interesting as it should be changing. Do you have any other rules that are correlated with the “Clinical evaluation adapted” custom field? It could be cancelling out the rule you have shown.

If there is another rule, I would suggest combining the rules together with multiple triggers and/or multiple actions.

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Hi @Mike_Tammaro ,

There are no other rules that included the “Clinical evaluation adapted”. So I really don’t understand why it isn’t working.

Hi @Jenske_Meijs, thanks for reaching out and, sorry for the trouble! In this case, I also recommend you to contact our support team, so we can have a closer look at the rule setup and help you solve this issue asap. You can contact them by following these steps: How to contact our Support Team ✉. When you contact them, please share the URL of this thread so they can see all the screenshots. Thank you!

Thank you for your answer. I contacted the support team. I hope the response doesn’t take too long, since it is quite an important feature for us.

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