My project is delayed 112 days, how can I delay due dates for a batch of tasks simultaneously to improve efficiency?

I have over 200 tasks in a project-- which all need to be delayed by 112 days. Is there a way to add 112 days to the scheduled task due dates or do I have to revise each one by one?


Hi @allegra

You definitely won’t have to do 1 by 1.

Asana allows you to edit up to 50 tasks at once. So you will just have to repeat this process 4 times in order to accomplish your goal.

You can choose your selected range by clicking the top task, hold the shift key, and click the last task.

You’ll have the black window at the bottom pop up. You’ll then select the three dots on the right and choose “due date”

This is where it gets a little manual. Asana doesn’t have the capability to automatically choose a date 112 days in the future. My suggestion is just to Google “112 days from today” and input that date.

This should fill all 50 tasks with that same due date… and again you’ll just repeat this process 4 times to accomplish your goal.

This should


@allegra, If the dates are not all the same currently and you want to maintain those relative dates but add the 112 days, the best way is to do that in Timeline if you have access to that view. You can drag a lasso around a set of tasks (perhaps only 50 at once there) and relatively move them all by the same fixed number and each will keep its relative position.



Hi Mike, Thanks for the information. Unfortunately each task has a different due date and different duration, so I’ll try dragging the lasso on the timeline as Ipb recommended


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