My organization account or my personal account for my other work stuffs?


Hello there,

I have a personal issue here I don’'t know the best way to solve it. I just joined a new organization, they created me a domain account for them ( Before, I was also using Asana for my job as IT consultant and personal stuffs (with my personal email account). I will keep doing all these stuffs and join the new job in this organization. So, I would like to know how can I have all the Asana together without having to log in log out from one account to another.

Any of you had this situation before? Can anyone help me to decide the best?

Thank you so much

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Go to Profile Settings > From email and add the email address from the other account. That will merge the accounts. @Marie will provide more details if needed!


Hi @Matias_Ades and thanks for the mention @Bastien_Siebman! You should be able to merge your two accounts following these steps; this will allow you to access both Organization from the same account.
If you’re having issue merging your accounts, feel free to reach out to our support team who will be able to manually merge your accounts.

Hope this helps Matias; let us know if you have any follow-up questions!


Dear @Bastien_Slebman and @Marie thank you for your answer!
I have a new question, would it be better I add the secondary email address from the asana account of my organization or viceverce?
Thank you again!


I think the result is the same, accounts will merge. @Marie?


Correct @Bastien_Siebman; @Matias_Ades you can merge either into the other, the result will be the exact same!