My dashboard does not appear



Hi. I ‘ve just started to use the free version of Asana integrated with instagantt for my own personal use on iPad Pro 12.9 (With the latest version of Chrome/Safari)

I can’t find the sidebar on the left hand side in Asana, and because of that I have been unable to sync it with google calendar. :pensive: ( I can see one for the instagantt only)

I have checked out similar topics here and realized that this has been a persistent issue for some users since around earlier this year.

Any advice or updates on this matter would be greatly appreciated.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Mai and sorry to hear you’re running into trouble here.

So if I’m getting this right, you’re missing the Dashboard feature in your left sidebar, is that correct? COuld you please send me a screenshot of what you see to help me visualise what is happening? (please make sure to block out any private information)


Thank you for your reply,@Marie. Yes, you are correct. The dashboard feature seems to be missing.

I am attaching screenshots of my “task list” and “calendar” views. Hope this helps you to figure out

what is going on here.



My apologies for the mix-up @Mai, but Dashboard are actually not available with our Mobile version, that’s why you are not able to find the option on your iPad! So sorry for the confusion, I forgot the issue was with an iPad!


Oh, okay. I got it. Thank you for your help, @Marie! As I can use the dashboard function with instagantt, even with an ipad, I expected I can do the same with asana. Anyway, I appreciate your prompt clarification.:grinning:




I’ ve checked that the dashboard correctly appears on my PC. thank you again.