My Asana calendar only partially syncs



When I sync my Asana calendar to my Gmail calendar, it only shows some but not all of my Asana tasks on the Gmail calendar.

Ideally, my Google calendar would be able to show all the tasks of my entire team, sortable by project, task, and subtask. But if not, I at least want to be able to see all my personal tasks and subtasks on my Google calendar. How can I do this?


Hi Connor,

Just curious, is there a reason that you are importing first into Gmail and not using the calendar function within Asana to view your team’s bandwidth?



Hi @Connor_Hocking,

Just to confirm, is this happening with a specific project? or your My Tasks?

Could you share a screenshot of one of the tasks that hasn’t synced with your Google Calendar? (Please make sure to include your full browser and window and block out any private information).

Looking forward to your reply!


Thanks for your response.

I just want to have one master calendar, which would include events other than what I have on Asana. So my idea was to import all of Asana onto Gmail Calendar, which is my company’s default.

The idea is less to view my team’s bandwidth - the team is small, just me and another guy - and more to see at a glance what my tasks and meetings are for the day. Tasks would come from Asana, meetings from Gmail calendar proper.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


Hi Connor,

When you try to sync your calendar, are you in a specific project in Asana or have you selected your team area (on the left hand bar)?