My account doesn't have tags - how do I get them?


Hi there,

I have a number of workspaces in Asana but one of them doesn’t have tags. There’s no “tag” option anywhere and Tab-T does nothing.

I’m literally looking at two workspaces side by side and can see that one account doesn’t have the ability to add tags:

Any idea how to get it working? I can’t find any way to contact Asana directly.



Hi @DaveJMason

Is this in the ‘Personal Projects’ workspace? I know that doesn’t allow tags. Or is it in an organisation where you’re a guest? That also restricts the features you can use.

If not, you can contact Asana support here: Select ‘I’m having trouble with…’, then scroll down to Let’s talk.


@Mark_Hudson is right, if this is Personal Projects, run :slight_smile: