Multiple Workspaces - Task Reminders


Hi guys - I have set up multiple workspaces to try and keep tasks in some sense of order.

My question relates to the task reminders. In the past I only had one workspace and got one daily task reminder. With multiple workspaces, I am only receiving one email for one workspace, despite all workspaces being flagged to produce task reminders.

So my question is, will I get a task reminder email for each workspace (either one email combining all of them together or one email per workspace)?

Appreciate any insights offered as no matter how much searching I did, I simply could not find the answer to this question.



@Anthony_Scott it’s nice to meet you. I’m the community manager at Asana. We’ll be happy to help you!

It sounds like you may need to update your notification settings for each workspace. Visit your profile settings and click To Email. Then double check that you have selected email notifications for the correct email address and for all the information you’d like to receive in your email inbox.

If in doubt, you can feel free to share a photo of what you’re seeing and we can work through the issue with you. I recommend taking a screenshot and annotating the image to hide any personal information (like your email address).