Multiple Teams and Portfolios issue

Hi all, in my company we have people working across more than 1 department.
Mostly operational, but when i tried to create a second team ( all members of the operations team BTW) i found i could not use portfolios and workload etc for the new team.

I checked with Asana and was advised i need to upgrade the new team. That means another $19US per person .

My brain exploded a little , as it appears to run a second team i have to pay for the all the members again. For example if senior management want full portfolio functionality/ visibility across multiple teams we may have to spend 3 or 4 x $19 per month.

Any advice, tips , on how to differentiate project groups within the same time. I was told by Asana to use difference colours . Which seems unsophisticated at best.
Am i on crazy pills or missing some key Asana functionality for running multiple teams with team-member crossover between teams.

Hey @Ramesh1,

When signing up for a paid Plan you can either choose to cover a Team, Workspace or your whole Organization. It sounds like a paid Organization Plan might be better suited for your needs as it would allow you to work with different users from other Teams across your Organization while giving you access to our paid features in all Teams of the Organization.

I would recommend reaching out directly to our Support Team with this query as they will be able to assist you in moving your Plan or discussing alternative options with you in more detail.

Please let me know if you have any further questions!

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