Multiple suggestions for Goals feature

Hi, after just one morning of working with it, I love the Goals feature, but there are some very basic things missing.

  1. Please can we create more flexible views? As a minimum, I would like to see sub-goals on the same front page as the goals, so that I can see the nested goals that will allow you to achieve the main goal. You really do not need to look any further than your existing “Company Goals & Milestones” Project Template. It’s all there - someone solved it already.

  2. We need export capability - the current template is so limiting that if you want to use these goals for executive updates or performance reviews (surely common use cases for “goals”) you basically have to recreate those from scratch elsewhere.

  3. Please would it be possible to add a comment to any metric updates? With strategic goals, the narrative is often as important as the metric. Without this, I still have to create separate reports or updates if I want to use this for board reporting or executive updates.

  4. It would be double awesome if the latest/last comment by the goal owner is displayed on the main page - so that you have one view/report that shows Goals with nested Sub Goals, and for each you can see the Status, Metric and Latest Comment.

  5. I love the ability to link to Projects… but nothing seems to connect through. The Project status has no bearing on the Goal, from what I can tell?

  6. I think this is a more complex problem to solve - but you might have sub goals linked to a parent with very different metrics. Some might be numbers, some financial, and some % complete. So the parent goal’s progress inherently becomes a subjective judgement. So maybe (for starts) it would be useful to choose whether the parent progress could be a) user-defined, b) the worst progress of any sub-goal, c) the average progress of all sub-goals?

Hi @Daneel_Jordaan, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! To ensure this feedback is more discoverable for our other Community members and easier to vote on, we would suggest creating a separate thread for each point. :slight_smile:

We do have some existing feedback threads for some of your points above. I’ve linked them below so you can go ahead and add your vote! :slight_smile:

For the other points mentioned, it would be great if you could create separate threads for each piece of feedback! Thanks, Daneel!

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