Multiple Organizations - Default view


Hi there,
We have been invited to join another organization for collaboration within Asana. We already have our own Asana organization. We see how we can toggle between the 2, however - now when logging in, it sets the other company as our default vs. our own company. Is there a way to change this? It’s more annoying than anything having to login, then switch every time because the other one pulls up first & is so rarely used. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!


Do you logout of Asana often? You don’t leave it opened all day?


Thanks for your reply! It is left open for the day, but usually closed at night. Its typically upon first logging in that it goes to the organization I am a guest of vs. my real one. I just thought maybe there was a way to select a certain organization as your ‘default’. Thanks again for your help!


@Stacy2, I believe Support can change this for you. See this post and the few following it in that thread:


Thank you so very much! I appreciate your help!