Multiple milestone 'diamonds' not filling in when completed

In calendar view, when I have multiple milestones within a single day, the “diamond” doesn’t fill it when I complete all of the milestones. This makes it look like there are still some incomplete milestones.

Steps to reproduce:
Within your “My Tasks” Calendar view, create 2 milestones on a single day. Mark both milestones as completed. The diamond doesn’t fill in (like it does when only 1 milestone is present)

Browser version: Chrome Version 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Welcome to the Forum @Mina_Johnson and thank you for reaching out!

I believe this is not a Bug but rather the expected behaviour but let me double check with Team and I’ll get back to you as soon as I get an update!

Thank you for taking time to report it!

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Do you mean like this? I can’t reproduce the problem.

Hey @Stephanie_Oberg,

@Mina_Johnson is referring to the calendar - if you only have one Milestone for a day and it’s completed, you can see the completion as a filled-in diamond on the calendar:


but if you have more than one and they’re all completed, the summary diamond for “N milestones” isn’t filled in:


(@Marie, I would additionally argue that in the “N milestones” summary text, the word “milestones” should be capitalized, as the app and the Asana Guide always capitalize “Milestones” from what I’ve seen.)


Thanks @Phil_Seeman, @Natalia is on the case for this too :wink:

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Oh, got it. Yes, I see the same behavior as Mina. That’s unfortunate. Really hard to understand why someone would design this, this way. It would be so easy to make it like this:

  • N Milestones & N complete ==> Filled-in diamond
  • N Milestones & <N complete ==> Open diamond

Doing so would save a click, and enhance productivity, at no apparent cost of any sort or in any use case.


Oops, sorry @Natalia, didn’t mean to incorrectly reply to Marie! I guess when working in the forum, by habit I just naturally go to the M-A-R-I-E keys…


Yes, this is exactly what I’m talking about. If this isn’t a bug, I would love to see this design change since it just introduces confusion at-a-glance.