Multiple free teams?


I apologize if this has already been asked. I wasn’t able to find a thread that really answered my question. I work in an organization with about 20 people. We are looking into different project management options. We all work in the same organization, but we don’t all work on the same projects. If we wanted to only use free accounts, could we create more than one team? I guess a free user can only be on one team? So that would mean we could have multiple free teams, but there couldn’t be any cross-pollination (users on more than one team)?

Again, I feel like this has probably been answered somewhere else, but I’m so new to Asana that it’s tricky to sort through all the information without having much of a reference point for how things work.

We are looking into different options, and we want something with Gantt chart functionality, so if we pay for something like Instagantt and then pay for Asana on top of that, we all of a sudden are looking at about $15/month/person rather than the $9 or $10 price point that many other apps offer.


@Julia_Kimmel1 We need to get a few things cleared up for you. First of all Teams are associated with Organizations in general. Organizations are associated with email addresses of the same domain name. You can have multiple teams within a free organization. As you know, you can only have 15 members in an organization and you indicate that you have 20. You cannot have two free accounts under the same domain… If you absolutely have to have free, I would assess if there are five people that have the least use. They could be a guest if they used a personal email. Your members can be on multiple Teams within the free organization. You will not have all the features that a premium membership offers which is an ever growing list many such as custom fields representing very powerful features. Asana pricing has been the subject of numerous threads but I know from a number of years of using collaborative software it is very competitive, but sometimes an organization can only afford the free edition, which is still very powerful. So in the end you should be able to cover most of what you want to do but it looks like 5 of your associates will not be able to use their domain name email address. On the other hand they could set up a rule in their email for notifications to be forwarded to their domain address. Not ideal, but you have to do what you can afford.


We’ve just been sent an email about member limits on free accounts, which doesn’t seem as clear as it could be for me (in theory the above reply should answer my question and the one from @Julia_Kimmel1 above, but to my mind still does not - at least in part).

Basically, when I first started using and recommending Asana, one of the key benefits was the fact you could have as many members across an organisation for free as you liked, as long as you had max 15 members per team. Was this ever the case or am I imagining it (sure it was explicitly mentioned at the time). If it was, has it now changed (to max 15 in total) and if so, are old accounts protected from this change, i.e. via grandfathering, as we have invested a lot of time in working with Asana?

Equally, any way this could be reinvoked for charities etc, as we may have larger staff bodies, but still operate as non-profits and/or have extremely tight budgets that wouldn’t normally reach to paying even the generally competitive pricing of Asana premium.




The 15 members limitation was per team, and it is still per team.
In an organization, you can have several teams, each allowing to have 15 people max per team for the free version.

Before Asana’s correction on counting members, the 15 limits was counting only the member of the team. But in a team, you have projects, and in the project’s list of members you could invite people from other teams, and those people were not counted in the 15 limits, so you could have 100 members in a project (with still less than 15 team members). Team’s list can be different from project’s list of members. I hope I’m clear;-)

Now with the counting correction, the 15 limits counts all projects’ members of all the projects of a team. For my example above, that means you will have at least 100 members counted, then high above 15. 15 has to be compared to the sum of different members of all the projects that belong to a team, and that was not the case untiil now.

According to the mail, the change will not modify your current situation, but you now can’t continue add other members.


Thanks Julien. Seems to make sense - and not something that ever occurred to me before. At the moment, I know one place I work using Asana, we clearly have 15 team members (other teams in our org have far less) but no idea if we have project members that aren’t also team members, so guess will have to check on this.

Have they fixed it so you’re notified if you try to add non-team members to a project, either at that point and/or by showing these members in some way at team level?

Thanks again.


If you open the team settings then you can have a list of the team members and the list of members with limited access. It also shows you how many seats you use out of 15.