Multiple Events in one Organization



Hi y’all,

I wanted to ask on our best practices on the following:

We are a non-profit that organizes 2-3 big events (10-30.000 attendees) per year.
Since our events are quite large we need to organize our work in larger projects. That’s why we chose to use an Asana-Team per event and the projects in that team for our “Event-Teams”/Workpackages for said event.
Makes sense?! :smiley:
This is working quite well since it’s easier to keep an overview over the different events but we ran into some inconveniences.
For example we had to add to every project the team name to actually know which team that project belongs to if you’re adding a quick task to it or searching for that project since we had the same named projects in different teams e.g. “Attendee Management” and then had to name them “Attendee Management Event 1” and “Attendee Management Event 2”

Another issue is that guests who only work with us on one event sometimes get added to tasks of an event they’re not supposed to work on if you don’t pay close attention to the project names.

Do any of you have any tips on this. Maybe another approach on how to structure our Asana teams and projects?
I was thinking on using workspaces/multiple organizations but we really need the premium features and couldn’t afford to pay for it times 3 AND our staff is using our company email address and I wouldn’t be sure if that would work with multiple organizations.

Thanks so much for any help!


Yes, very annoyed by this as well.

It’s kinda the same problem isn’t it?

Maybe you can choose a code name for each event. Three letters are easier to add to every project name?

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Yeah that’s what we did. Just wondered if there’s a better way cause evene with the codes it still happens that you accidentially choose the wrong project.