Multiple employers

I’ve been using Asana with my current part time job as an electrician. I love the way the office assigns jobs for us with it. From my end, I don’t interact with it a whole lot except to see when and where I need to be next.

I am starting another part time job with a different company (different business altogether), and they also assign work through Asana.

At this point I’m not sure I want either company to see my assigned schedule. Will they be kept separate from the get-go? Do I need to create a new account to keep them separate? Will I be able to link them together in the future to keep from being double booked if it becomes an issue?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Have a look at Merge 2 Asana Accounts? to merge two accounts :slight_smile:

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Hi @cdennis69 and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

Asana allows you to work within several Organizations/Workspaces from one account, but all spaces remain completely independent and separated! As such, your new colleagues won’t be able to see any of the tasks/projects you work on with your current company.

You can learn more about this in this article from our guide; hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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