Multiple emails to followers


We use the “project conversation” function to keep track of progress, and include the project email address in outlook conversations with clients.

when we put the "" into a CC in outlook the project followings can get up to 10 copies of the email.

is there a way to stop this?



Hi Lee,

I’m sorry to hear this is happening. I reached out to my team and it looks like this is a bug. Our team is looking into it and hopefully we’ll have a solution soon.

Please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.



Good morning
Any update on this “bug”


Hi @Lee_Howard - No update yet, but you’ll certainly see an update when we have one! :slight_smile:


@Lee_Howard, This is a really smart idea. So if I understand you correctly, by including the Asana address in the CC field of the e-mails, you are able to memorialize the e-mail chain in the Asana task, even when it includes folks not on your Team, is that right? If so, this is a really smart usage idea that I’d like to implement on my team.


That is correct.

We use it for project management, so we all know what the last communication is on the project





Any update to this???