Multiple accounts with the same address



Ever dreamed of setting up multiple Asana accounts with the same email address? That is very useful if you want to prepare accounts for a training for example without asking the IT department to create email addresses for you (at least it was for me).

What if I told you and are the same address? :slight_smile: Anything put after a “+” is actually ignored when sending an email, but is not when creating an account on Asana (or any other service for that matter)

I have no idea if people actually know this trick, but I found it super useful when preparing a training with 15 different people, allowing me to prepare every accounts with nice pictures for example. Also I don’t know if that works for every domain names. It works for Gmail, it worked for my custom domain name.

Would that be useful to anyone?


Could be an interesting spin on the Asana onboarding process!


I realized my wording was confusing: it is already working like this :slight_smile:


Ah yes, I knew that. This shows the language barrier in my post. :smile: What I’m saying is, I see your suggestion and I agree that this could/would be an interesting take on the onboarding process for Asana users who haven’t already considered this. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great tip. Thank you.


Yes, this a very handy feature of Gmail, unfortunately not generally supported by other email providers as far as I know.


I successfully used it with an Hover address, so I guessed it was kind of mainstream…