multihomed subtasks - no easy way to remove from one project

i have a heap of tasks in project A that have subtasks, and these subtasks are multihomed as tasks in project B. We now want to remove the subtasks from the tasks in project A, but leave the multihomed tasks in project B.

There doesnt seem to be any easy way to do this because in the project field of the subtasks it doesnt show that they are multihomed in both project A and project B, they only show as being in project B. this is strange. if i delete the subtask, it deletes it in project B. there doesnt seem to be a way to remove subtasks from project A while leaving them in project B

What i would have expected is that the subtask details tab would show that this is multihomed in both project A and project B, and then i would be able to easily just remove project A from the projects field in the task details

can someone from Asana please advise?

I am not from Asana but I can advise :slight_smile: I did just try and indeed there is no way to do this easily. The only way I found was to open the main task in the left pane, and drag the subtask out into the target project (where it is already)…

thanks for checking. yes this feels like a symptom of the strange way that subtasks are managed in asana eg not related to tasks and projects!

just checking, no reply from asana on this? i just tried to solve this via an advanced search but the subtasks still dont show up as being part of project A. I need to do this in bulk.

That is because a subtask is not part of its parent task project…