Multi thread on comments



Hello community !

So today I opened a ticket, and it was a feature that need a lot of discussion.
The issue is that I have to scroll the comments to try and find those that are revelant to me.

I have an idea to improve it, how about a multi thread comment system ?

The idea is simple: if I have to post a comment on a ticket, I open a new thread. People that participate in this thread are notified of new comments.
If someone else want to post a comment that is irrevelant to the current thread, he can open a new one.
If I didn’t participate on the first thread, I do not receive any notifications.

The pros:

  • Managing comments as threads (close/open/edit threads)
  • Cleaning the comment section by separating threads (and how about a main thread containing the ticket status updates ?)
  • Dividing comments depending on the user business pole…
  • …and thus, allowing a better management
  • Naming thread to instantly know if you have to reply to an existing thread or create one

The cons:

  • Might be a lot of work
  • Might be unnecessary on most tickets

Any feedback or suggestions welcomed !

Best regards,


You could achieve something like this with subtasks being used only for discussion as a workaround…


I would value the ability to respond to a specific comment on a task in a manner which kept my response connected with the original comment.