Multi-tasking in Asana


I’ve always felt stuck with only being able to view a single task at a time. More often than not, I need multiple tasks open to see either the description or the relevant comments while I’m working both within Asana or outside.

I’m generally a heavy Chrome browser user with multiple profiles but to make multi-tasking with Asana easier I’ve started to use the Vivaldi browser because they recently added tab tiling. Now I can arrange 2 or more open Asana tabs in one window. Plus you can save different combinations that you can quickly load up and jump right into the desired workflow. This is especially great on a big screen!

Besides tab tiling, I also find the “web panel” extremely useful as I can check my tasks quickly from any tab/website that I am currently on.

What other approaches do you guys have to make multitasking as seamless as possible?


Thanks for starting this discussion and sharing this trick with us @Hans_Rippel, I didn’t now about this handy “tab tiling” feature! Must check it out :slight_smile:

Personally I’m using two screens at work, which is really helpful when I need to be able to work on two tasks at once!


Hi @Hans_Rippel, Those Vivaldi features are interesting. My main multi-tasking approach is to keep multiple Asana tabs open in multiple (Chrome) browser windows on two displays. Some windows are full screen and some are tiled, so this is kind of similar to your tiling as I understand it.

Occasionally I add another notebook screen if I need even more simultaneous displays. Asana updates so quickly that I barely notice this screen is not on the same desktop machine…except of course copy/paste won’t work across machines. I’ve even used a temporary Asana task shown on both machines to effect copy/paste across machines if that’s what’s needed.

Finally, sometimes I use Asana2Go if I’m closely comparing or viewing multiple tasks. The Cards format (shown below) can present any number of tasks in a single window in rows displayed responsively, tiling as many tasks as will fit horizontally. Note the expand/collapse twisties–each one of those (on any task) operates on all tasks at once which allows you to hide/show all description fields, say, at once with a single click.


Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi