Multi-select tasks in mobile app?


Is there a way to select multiple tasks simultaneously to bulk assign tasks to a team member or to add a project to multiple tasks simultaneously? I am really only going to be able to access Asana via the app, and without this capability it takes absurdly long to do anything in Asana.

For instance, if I make a project with 30 tasks and then later need to add an additional project to those tasks, I can only do so by going into each task one-by-one and adding the additional project. This is insanely tedious.


Hi @Marcus_Johnson; Michael from Asana here.

Unfortunately this is not possible within our Asana mobile apps at the moment.

As of now our mobile app does not share full parity in functionality with our desktop browser; in particular, with regard to your point about multi-selecting Tasks.

Our mobile app was designed to provide users, on the go, the ability to check in with their Tasks, Add Tasks/Projects among other light weight features. However, for more heavy lifting & to leverage the full power of Asana, we do recommend that you use our Desktop browser.