Multi-select in Boards

When will it be done?

Hi all! I’m delighted to announce that you can now multi-select cards in your Board projects to move multiple tasks across columns in one go. Simply hold your “Cmd/Ctrl” key and click on cards to select them.

As it stands, multi-selecting doesn’t allow you to take other actions (such as deleting tasks or updating due dates), but we’re getting closer! Thanks for your patience and for supporting this feature request!

Happy Monday!


I see than in Board view some useful functionalities of Asana are not working.
Another one is the MultiSelect of Tasks. You can try the shortcuts and experience how it does not work. It´s very frustrating when you are only interested in KanBan/Board view.

Hi @JoseJuan! Merging your post with Multi-select in boards as they are both very similar. Note that you can now multiselect cards in your Board projects; more details in the post itself :slight_smile:

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I see we can multi-select. Beyond dragging things around what functionality is available? Can we tag? Adjust dates (See that mentioned as coming)? Etc.? Anything?! This is really needed. Help

@Mike_Myers I haven’t found anything beyond what they’ve stated of moving tasks.

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Is there any progress on additional functionality on selected board cards like tagging, deleting, etc.?

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Any update on this feature? I’d love to be able to tag my board tasks in bulk. It’s a bit of a time waster currently.


Hi @ys_thedood and @Jason_Silver; I don’t have any updates at the moment, but will make sure to update this thread as soon as I do!


Just found this post!

I’m setting up a project management system at work and being able to delete, add tags, etc to multiple boards in the board project layout would be VERY useful for me.

I hope this gets updated soon!

I’m a visual person and would much prefer to operate in boards over lists.


I like to create one over-arching LIST project where I share all tasks from every individual project (all my projects are boards). In that main list I can not only look at everything as one list but select tasks and alter them as described in this thread.

The best workaround I’ve found is to use the advanced search then fill in the In Projects field with your project name then click the little arrow next to the name of the project and you can choose a board. You can add the same project multiple times with different boards selected.

Once you hit search you will get all of the tasks from those columns in a list view where you can edit in bulk.


Do we have any updates on this feature ? Would help workflow IMMENSELY.


Following up here, since I haven’t seen an update from Asana staff in a few months. Any word on when we might be able to bulk edit tasks while viewing a Board project? Is that something that is still in the pipeline?

Hi @Brandon_Widder and welcome to the Forum!

I don’t have an update on this topic just yet, but we’re currently carrying a lot of structural work in the backend which will allow us to further develop Boards. So I’m confident this is something we will develop in the future; I’ll make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I have an update!


its embarrassing that asana doesn’t have this basic functionality


Hi there. Any update on this request of multi-editing?

Hi folks, I’m excited to share that we rolled out a brand new feature allowing you to multi-select tasks and take actions in bulk in Asana Boards! :tada: Check out New bulk action feature in Boards! for more details and your feedback!


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