Multi project association mixes tasks and sections



For instance, I have in project “A”:

Section 1
Task 1.1
Task 1.2

Then I associate this section 1 and the tasks to a project B.

But in project B, I get:

Task 1.2
Task 1.1
Section 1

The order is not respected.

Is this a bug ?

Thank you


Good point. I’ve just tried it with mine and got the same result. That does seem odd.


Hi @Mark_Hudson
I have just discovered that if you select your list of tasks from bottom to top, and then you associate to another project, the order is respected (as if to get 1 you multiply -1 by -1). Nevertheless, it would be more intuitive if that could be modified.


Excellent! Thanks for the heads-up @Julien_RENAUD. You’re right; that’s definitely not very intuitive.