Multi-homing or homing-multi


When I use the multi=homing feature to pull tasks into a project from multiple project templates (main template adding in project templates depending upon products a client has purchased), it always adds the selected tasks in reverse order - so my project closing and confirmation tasks are at the top. This is incredibly inconvenient and requires me to spend more hours - yes hours - trying to reorganize the template so it takes on the correct flow.

I wouldn’t mind if the new sections / tasks added were defaulted to the top so then I could shift them into the section flow more easily, but to have to take twenty + tasks within a section, reverse their order and then shift the section into the project flow makes me want to give the stink eye all of the unicorns and yetis - and I love those guys!!

Please, please, please change this so multi-homing adds the tasks in their intended order. (Begging caps not shouty caps)


@Laura_Bush, thank you for your feedback! I can see why that would be frustrating, especially when you’re moving Tasks in bulk.

If you try multi-selecting in reverse (click the bottom Task, and then Shift+Click to the top Task) , it should multi-home Tasks in the the correct sequence (top to bottom). Let me know if that works for you!