Multi-home tasks/substasks through CSV Import


My team and I are working on a way to use Asana to manage multiple requests from multiple external partners. The way I have drafted this process is through one master project (each task is an org) and under each org, there are multiple subtasks with their needs and resources they can provide. Each of these subtasks will be multi-homed to another project based on a pre-specified area. The area projects will have multiple custom fields and sections to help organize each task.

Data will be collected through surveygizmo and then exported to CSV to be imported into Asana. Is there anyway to multi-home tasks through CSV import? And if possible, add custom fields?




Hi @April_Koehler and thanks for reaching out.

As it stands, it is not possible to multi-home tasks/subtasks via CSV, however you can definitely add custom fields! I’d recommend checking out this handy guide article dedicated to CSV import:

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Darn that sucks. I think it would be really useful if you are importing large data sets. As for custom fields, I was referencing custom fields for the secondary project that i would be importing into.

Do you think multi-homing via csv import is a feature that could be added in the future?



@April_Koehler Stay tuned in the next short period of time as Stratelyze is almost done developing a tool that might help you. You may have to think about it a little different but I think from what I am reading of your problem it may very well be a solution. Sendana Add- A Novel Way to Add Projects and Tasks In Mass I have worked with the CSV file for another tool and other things and in the end its limitations have provided a challenge. If this new tool does not help you let me introduce you to my programmer who I believe could provide you a solution to your problem with direct creation from your Survey Gismos. His name is @Mahmudul_Hasan and he has done great work for me.



@April_Koehler I do not fully understand your (each task is an org), is that the Asana membership of your external partners. I would just inquire how the Teams-Projects-Sections-Tasks-Subtasks of your own organization might not fill what you are trying to do. There are lots of discussions on the current status of sub-tasks in Asana To Subtask or not to Subtask and can’t but wonder if your comprehensive use of subtask is going to run into some unanticipated difficulties both in the issues described in the post and reporting for your monitoring of executable tasks status among your external clients. Is it possible to have clients be a Team in your own Asana data-base to give you the full hiarchy and the full gambit of features afforded in Projects and Tasks underneath Teams.



We do not have any external clients in Asana. We are aiming to use Asana to track needs and resources by organization. I don’t doubt that it is going to get complicated, but at the moment, this is the best I can think of. I have attached examples below. The custom fields are not final, so try not to look at them…




@April_Koehler Might I suggest that you create a Team or Project for each client and use Sections and Tasks with subtasks only on occasion due to their limitations. I think you might be happier in the long run and you will have more center pane visibility. I know at lease two long time Certified Asana Pros in addition to me that do this. I actually prefer Team for Client. That is not to say that others do not use Projects for their clients but they then use Sections and Tasks first and reserve Subtasks for mainly data storage versus executable items. For one thing Custom Fields are not available to Subtasks, a major drawback for organization and reporting. After you have absolutely settled on your hiarchy I have a number of thoughts on your imports and population of your tasks.



I don’t think we have access to create a new team… We will also have to report out to our management (download a CSV) and I don’t think a project for each org will work (we have 123 organizations we work with). I originally started out with having a task for each need/resource and then having the org name be a custom field, but it would have become a giant monster. I am aware of the limitations of using subtasks, which is why I am multi-homeing them to become tasks in a separate project.

I just hope that Asana will one day upgrade the CSV importer.



You know the best for your organization!!!. There are many professional services companies that use a project for each client and even put dummy projects in to separate ___ABC. While the left pane becomes busy typing the name in the Search field brings up very nicely. Just my final thoughts.

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