Multi Home a task within sections in a project

I’d like to be able to multi home a task within a project which task might be a sub-task but you can have a copy in a pre-completion checklist so that it’s not overlooked

Hi @David_Pollacchi! :wave:t5: Thank you fo reaching out!

If I understood correctly you would like to have a task appearing in two different sections of a Project, correct?

If you are referring to subtasks, this is actually possible to achieve. You just need to add the subtask to the desired Project and section (using the Tab+P shortcut) and it will be shown both in your task list under the section chosen and as a subtask of the current parent task.

Would this help David?

Hi Natalia

Thanks for your reply. Yes - I would like a task to appear in two different sections of a Project.

I hadn’t actually been thinking of a subtask and for that subtask to appear as a task in the same project but that is helpful. It works provided that you pick a *different *section to the one that the subtask is in.

It would be better if I could do this with a task as opposed to a subtask but I can work with this in the meantime.

Thank you for sharing this with me. Much appreciated

Now that you’ve mentioned this, I had some initial training a while ago on this feature but I didn’t use it and the penny didn’t drop as to the use that could be made of it. It’s definitely something I will use.

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I’m glad I was able to help @David_Pollacchi :smiley:

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance! Have a great day! :wave:t5: