MS Teams - Dependency

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I have several tasks set up as dependent on their subtasks in Asana. So I can’t mark the parent task complete until the subtasks are completed. However - when I use the MS Teams desktop integration (where the Asana project appears as a tab in my Team), I am able to mark the parent task complete and bypass the dependency.

Steps to reproduce: Create parent task in Asana. Create subtask. Make parent dependent on subtask. Enable MS Teams desktop integration and connect Team to Project. View project in MS Teams. Mark parent complete. [expected result: error / not able to mark complete; observed result: task marked complete]

Browser version: n/a MS Teams on PC

Upload screenshots below:

This is actually not a restriction in Asana itself, so also not an MS Teams bug.

It’s true that you can’t mark a dependent task complete in the main project task list, but you can mark it complete in the task detail pane. As it was explained to me by someone at Asana: “the reasoning is that people were completing tasks from the list view without realizing there were incomplete dependencies. Showing them the dependency symbol and making them open the task pane to complete the task ensures that they acknowledge the dependencies and that this is an intentional action.”

Hm. That’s good information, but also makes the MS Teams integration a challenge. The visual of the task with a dependency in the MS Teams list view is just a circle that can be clicked - there is no dependency symbol… So then seems like the bug is in the display. MS Teams Task Asana View

Not a bug, really - MS Planner doesn’t support dependencies so one wouldn’t expect to see any type of dependency symbol in that product. Also see:

This isn’t about syncing with planner - it’s about Asana having a MS Teams connector that doesn’t function closely enough to how the Asana browser app functions. There being no visual indicator of a key function/status in Asana in the connector version within MSTeams makes it difficult for my team to use Asana effectively.

Ah, sorry, my mistake - I see your point. I concur, the tasks as displayed in Teams really should show if they are dependencies.

It’s definitely a difficult one to articulate - thanks for helping me clarify!