Moving to premium - see all users in organisation to do a clean up of users



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I’m getting my organisation on to premium! There’s a bunch of users that aren’t going to be using premium so I need to remove them from the organisation. Is there a way to see all users and possibly remove them from the same screen?

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Yes -> your avatar > Organization settings > Members > hover them and click “Remove”

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Doesn’t work when you’re still on the free version


In the free version you cannot remove them from the same screen.
You can get the members list from the API, and then once you know the members you want to remove you can deprovision then one by one.


@Julien_RENAUD where do you go to deprovision them then?


If I remember well with the free version, the member you want to remove has to be in a team you have access to.
Then 2 cases:

  • you are already both members of a common team, then ok
  • or you need to invite that member “temporarily” to a team you’re member of

Once you are in a same team, you can access to the team’s member list, you select “remove” next to the member’s name you want to remove access, then “remove access”. If you stop now you just remove the member from the team, but at this moment you can select “deprovision” and the member will be removed from the whole organisation.



Thanks @Julien_RENAUD & @Bastien_Siebman