Moving the attachment button to the comment box?


It’s so annoying having to move the mouse all the way to the top of the task just to add an attachment…please do this?


We actually attach primarily at the task level and not in comments (e.g. the draft of the document that the entire task and subtasks are working towards publishing), so we would want the attachment option to stay put or appear in both places.


If Asana implements inline attachments in comments and task descriptions, this request would make sense to me. Until then, I agree with Craig.


You can drag and drop attachments too! :grin:


Interestingly, the iOS app has the attach button next to the comment field. I suppose it’s there to prevent crowding at the top, but the attachments are still attached at task level.


there is no need to change way, attachments are implemented. For me it would be totally ok just not need to scroll up to the top (if I am down in comments).
So it would be just ok to have an attachment add button (same as on top) a second time below next to the comment button. OR - it would be either ok - or even better, to have all the buttons kept on top when scrolling. Then the tagging and other buttons would be still be available without scrollling up to the top.