Moving tasks and subtasks around in timeline



Allow to group tasks and its child sub-tasks together in the timeline, so we can drag and move the whole bunch together (and not have to drag a box around them every time…especially if i want to keep a group of task-sub-tasks in one place on the timeline and not get interspersed between other tasks based on the due dates!)


Thanks for your feedback @Sachin_Bijadi! This is definitely something we’ll be working on in the future. At the moment, the best way to work around this issue is to multi-selecting the parent tasks and its subtasks to move them all in one go using drag and drop.

Hope this helps!


Hi Marie, I am wondering how you get subtasks to show in the timeline view other than adding them to the parent task and then they aren’t really subtasks any longer?


Hi @Emma_Kopinska :wave:t3: Unfortunately this is the only option at the moment, but this is definitely something we’re planning to improve in the future!