Moving task to another project

Hi all I hope someone can help.
Ive got 3 different Projects, each has very different subtasks. My question is!! If i have a task in project 1 can I move it to project 3 but id like the subtasks to change from the project ive moved it to, to the new one so in theory changing the subtasks when I move the task. If someone needs more information then please let me know, Ive spent hours looking for an answer but I cant find one!

HI @Colin_Steane :wave: Thank you for reaching out!

It is possible to move a task and its subtasks from Project 1 to Project 3.

I would recommend to have a look at this post written by @lpb that explains very well how to achieve that.

Please, let me know if you have any follow-up question! Have a great day!

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Hi Natalia.
Yeah maybe i asked the wrong question!
So in Project 1 I have some subtasks, In each subtask there is a specific workflow. In project 2 I have more subtasks but the workflow in those subtasks are very different from project 1.

My questions is! if I move a subtask from project 2 to project 1 then the subtask I move still keeps the workflow from project 2 rather than inheriting the workflow from project 1. How can I move a subtask to inherit another workflow.


Hi @Colin_Steane ! Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Let me try to recap what you are asking: what you are attempting to do is: to move a Task from Project 2 to Project 1 without carrying its subtasks but automatically inheriting the subtask you have in Project 1 instead…Am I right?

Honestly I don’t think there is an easy workaround to achieve this.
You could duplicate the TaskA that is in Project 2 without including the subtasks and adding it to the Project 1. Then, making the subtasks of Project 2, subtasks of this Duplicated Task. But I wouldn’t recommend doing that since you would have to manually do it task by task and it would be too cumbersome to achieve.

Maybe other members of the Forum can come up with some other ideas… @lpb @Mark_Hudson @Jason_Woods @Phil_Seeman ?

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@Natalia, I’m having trouble understanding the actual request so I’ll stay on the sidelines for now, I think!



Agree with Natalia, there is no way I have come across to move a Task from one project to another and have it inherit a standard set of Subtasks from that new Project and remove any current Subtasks it has.

The only option would be to manually achieve this. By either duplicating the tasks without Subtasks and the moving it to the new project and manually adding the Standard set of sub tasks to that task.



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Hi Natalia & Jason. Thank you both very much for your reply its very much appreciated.

Yeah so ive kind of followed what you suggested. Ive just duplicated the task in the project and manually amended the sections i needed. I needed to do this about 200 times but it was much quicker this way rather than do a new title every time using the Triage. I honestly didn’t think id get such good feedback so thank you very much for taking the time to reply.


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Hi @Colin_Steane :wave:

We are glad we were able to help! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have further questions. We’ll be happy to assist.

Have a great week! :slight_smile:

@Colin_Steane. No worries glad we where able to help.

There was a post just recently which may have a solution. Have a look and see if it might assist