Moving task description across dependencies

Hello -

I’ve recently had to switch from organization projects with many sub-tasks to using NO sub-tasks so that we can properly capture team workload across portfolios.

Now I’m having a big problem with passing information from task to task.

Example: I manage email broadcasts. Each broadcast campaign has tasks that include:

  • create the brief
  • approve the brief
  • create the copy
  • create the graphics
  • approve the copy & graphics
  • setup campaign
  • test
  • schedule
  • very send

When using the task/subtask method, we kept all of the relevant information in the main task description (for example, link to brief, link to copy, link to graphics etc.) and it was easy for each person completing a subtask to find.

Now with each task as standalone, the information is not as easy to find unless you go to your project, find the subsequent (dependent) task, and copy and paste the info into the next task for the next person. It’s become very labor intensive.

Any recommendations on how I can have the information pass from one dependency to another? Or another way to do this?

Actually why isn’t dependency the right approach? With subtasks, you clicked on the parent task. With dependencies, you would click on blocked/blocking tasks…

Hello @Lindsay16

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The current dependencies feature would you give you the desired effect.

If you check the screen shot, wen you build your project with dependencies (blocking or blocked by), this tasks appear and are clickable i your task pane.

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 09.16.36

If you want a series of these documents stored in one location, you can do this in two approaches:

Approach one:
Add all these documents to the project overview - key resources (which would be my prefered option

Option 2: Create a milestone for all the work to be completed and use that milestone to store all the documents that are complete in that milestone.

Hope this helps.


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