Moving a task to another project



I need to move a task to a project owned by another team, or which I am not a member.

I cannot see the the “foreign” project in the list in order to reassign the task to that project.

Is this achievable without me being a member of the other team/project?



Hi @Victor2

I believe you’d have to be invited to the other team as a guest before you could move a task over. If you ask to be invited to the relevant project in the other team, you should be able to do it without being a full member.


Thanks @Mark_Hudson ,I will follow that up.


You could use an “intermediate” team if the destination team had sensitive projects or tasks. Create a new team with a person from each of the source and destination team. Moved the task to the intermediate team, and then the person on the final team can move it from there to the final team. Then delete the intermediate team.

Mark’s version is easier if sensitivity isn’t an issue.