Move out Projects to another user

Hello. I’m writing to check if there is a way for me to move Projects out from my Board into another team member’s Board?

Here’s a bit of background story:
I started using Asana since the late 2015 and have been using it for personal tasks/projects. When I started with my current company, I have been using my Asana board to help me with projects in my job. Some projects require collaboration with my team members in my organisation so I added them as users (with limited access obviously - so they don’t see my personal stuffs). I am resigning from the company now and would like them to continue using the Projects, but would like to move them out from my “personal” Board.

What options do I have?

Many thanks,

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Sorry on the terminology confusion… By “Board” I mean Workspace.

Hi @Calvin,

A recommendation is to use:

The “Kothar” app has been the defacto standard in the past, and this new version, despite its beta status is, I believe, the most robust way to copy from one Workspace/Org to another. Note however, that not every single thing is replicated 100% so see the caveats at the site and any warnings during your actual copy which Ditto is good about surfacing.

Hope that helps,