Move incoming mail from sender automatically to project


We are a wholesaler and (also) receive orders per mail. These orders go to order Mail Adress orders@. All Mails that arrive in this inbox are forwarded to

Is there a way to move all tasks (mails) that come from our orders@ mail address, automatically to a certain project?

And what plan would be required?


Hi @Juttertjetim welcome to the forum. So currently who’s my task does it go to? In there you could set a rule to say when a task is added to my tasks, add to project x. You would likely i believe need the advanced tier

@Juttertjetim - Have you considered forwarding them directly to the project instead of forwarding to someone’s My tasks. Check out this guide for info on that, but the upshot is that you just need to append +projectID after the x in your forwarding address.


This did the trick! Many thanks!

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