Move Assignee Image / Name box on hover so that it doesn't cover the 'Assignee' icon

Hello, I would love it if, after I click on the Assignee icon to assign someone a task, that the Assignee Image / Name box that comes up on hover of the Assignee icon wouldn’t cover the next tasks Assignee icon down the list. I think it’s best to see this in action, so I’ve recorded some video of this to show you what I mean.

On this video, I am using the *Assign to Me button, which forces me to move the mouse from off of the Assignee icon, which of course won’t bring up the Assignee Image / Name box, because I’m no longer hovering that icon…
Assign to Me Video
This is a great experience, it’s nice and fast, and responds quickly to clicks.

The issue I have is when I’m assigning tasks to others down a list. So normally, what I do is click the Assignee icon, start typing the first two or three characters of the assignee’s first name, and, once their name highlights below, I hit enter on my keyboard. Hitting enter on my keyboard is faster then moving my mouse down to click an already-highlighted name.

The problem with this is that, since my mouse is still in the same spot, it detects a hover state on the Assignee icon, and brings up the Image / Name box. This box blocks me from selecting the Assignee icon for the next task below.

Now, I’ve gotten around this by starting from the bottom and working my way up the list, but it’s just sort of annoying to have to do that, when I’m used to working, reading, writing, etc. top-down.

Here’s a video illustrating what I’m talking about…
Assign to Someone Else

So this video is for illustrative purposes only. I saw (after it was recorded, of course) that I was assigning all the tasks to the same person. I know that it’s faster to select multiple tasks at the same time and assign it that way, but there are times when I’m trying to get down a list and assign tasks to different members of my team.

Anyway, Asana, please help me with this pet peeve slash annoyance, I unfortunately don’t know what the best solution is for this, I’m hoping your UI gurus would have some ideas. I only know that this issue drives a wedge into the speed at which I can maneuver in Asana. I’m also hoping I’m not the only one who has noticed this issue, so if you are reading this and agree, please vote this up!

Thanks for your consideration on this, take care!