Move a task without copying it

Hi, I just want to move a task without copying it to another project. Everytime I drag it or add it to a project, it simply creates a duplicate and then if I delete one, Asana will automatically delete the other. I just want to move the task to another project.

Hi @Ben_Fagerland The easiest way to move a task form one project to another is.

In the Task move your cursor to where the assigned project is for that tasks. You with then see the :pencil2: and the :heavy_plus_sign: as per screen shot below.

Click on the Plus sign and then type in the new project name you want to add. You will then have the same tasks in both projects, as per the below screen shot. Now there is where might be seeing this is as being copying, it is not really copying it is make the task multi homed in two projects. Any updates or deletions will be visible in both projects…

Now in this case I need to now remove the tasks from the MyMeetings project to do this you do now move the cursor towards MyMeetings and you will now see an “X” as well as the “+” as per the below screen shot, if you click on the “X” you will remove your task from that Project.

You should now have the task in the correct project. Hope this helps…



Thanks so much Jason!!

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No worries @Ben_Fagerland glad it helped you out…

Have a look at this Guide article for more on Multi Homing of tasks.



Thanks again Jason!




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