Move a Batch of Tasks Together

Right now, if you multi-select several tasks and try to move them to a new date, they’ll all be moved to the exact same date. This is useless if the tasks you’re selecting are arranged over, say, the course of a week. If I’m trying to move a week’s worth of tasks, I want them to stay in the same configuration wherever I move them to, not all stacked into the same day.

This is an extremely basic function that most other project management apps offer. I shouldn’t have to move every task one by one if I want to duplicate or move a week’s worth of tasks.

Hi @Benjamin_Cook , this basic function is possible using the timeline view. You can click and drag a marquee window around the tasks you want to select them all together and then move them left/right. For them to stay in the same configuration, check the ‘Dependency management options’ and set it to Maintain buffer (is likely what you want) but check out the other options and you may also want to enable ‘Weekend awareness’ at the bottom.


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