More schedule flexibility when exporting task lists to a calendar

I use my Asana task list to build my weekly schedule, and since my team is required to use MS for work, I’ve started exporting my task list with due dates to Outlook.

I’ve seen a few other people on here mention that imported tasks preserve due date but not time of day, which would be helpful info to have when tasks represent deadlines. I second that feedback & would add that it would also be helpful if tasks exported to (non-google) calendar apps did not auto-default to “all-day” events that mark the user as “busy” to colleagues.

I can imagine a lot of users have different preferences on how to export tasks, so some kind of Asana-side setting would be amazing. Even just being able to change the default settings to either not “busy” or not “full-day” would be a huge help.

From the outlook ICS file: