More Robust Repeating Options

The options for repeating tasks really needs some attention. I was shocked at how basic the options are. I currently have two situations that can not be handled by the current set up. A task that recurs every 28 days. Not 28 days after completion but every 28 days. The other is a task that recurs every 3 years. Once again not able to handle.

I would suggest the following changes:

  1. Make the after completion a flag on every interval (Daily, weekly, annual etc.)
  2. Take the cap off the annual, monthly and other intervals.

If those two changes were made I don’t think anyone would have a situation that could not be handled by a repeating task.

Welcome to the Forum @Noah_Scanlan and thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us!

We usually don’t recommend providing more than 1 suggestion on the same thread since it’s difficult for us to follow-up and for users to vote. I was able to find two existing threads in the Forum requesting the options you have mentioned here. In order to consolidate votes would recommend you to upvote and comment on these threads.

Thank you again for your feedback! Have a great Thursday!

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