More Project Briefs to use as Docs

Would love to see the ability to creat more than one project briefing per project. That way we don’t have to take notes on a different doc too but could do it all right in Asana.


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I believe that for this, you have the Key Resource section already. Have you considered using the Key Resources to link your additional documents to the project instead? If yes, and you still believe an additional Project Brief will be beneficial, can you please expand on why that is so?

I am asking because my gut feeling tells me that if you would have more than one official Project Brief per project, this could confuse some of the stakeholders.

You can check out here the section on the Key Resources


Hey Rosario,

Thanks so much for reaching out. I believe in your all’s vision and heart for sure, so, if I’m moving from that, I understand. We do use the Key Resources for that and love the ability to connect Google Drive and the documents that we use. Our goal would be to have everything for a project in Asana.

So, a couple of examples:

  1. We create curriculum content for PreK and K-5th in a monthly curriculum project. Instead of splitting it, we like having it all together so that PreK and K-5th can be aware of what everyone is learning and play off of each other each month, even sync up every now and then.
  2. So, K-5th would have a project brief (or doc) and PreK would have one as well.
  3. For instance: thinking about it in a “notion” world (which is great but a lot to train volunteers in) you could mix the notes and tasks all in one place.
  4. We also use a project as a weekly meeting agenda and create a new section for every week with agenda and tasks. It would be cool to have a different project brief that we could switch every month and track notes that way and tasks only in the project if that all makes sense.

Overall idea, all of our work would be in one place instead of Asana for tasks and broad ideas and Google for notes and spreadsheets.

Thanks for listening and considering. Appreciate all you guys do.

Hey @David_Rinard ,

Thanks for the additional context, it makes sense :slight_smile:.

Curriculum example

Do you actually need these “documents” to be live and editable, or once they are created, they should be instead used for reference and are there to create visibility on a monthly base? If the do not need to be “live documents”, but rather a “monthly updated document”, you could consider using the Status Update module instead. You would just want to have an internal convention as to how to use it for the specific purpose, like title, sections, status to use etc.

Meeting agenda

Have you considered instead, within the weekly section to have each task be the agenda point, within the task (i.e. agenda point), add any information just like you would do in the document and keep that task both as a document and actionable task? Or eventually, create subtasks for actions? This is actually how we do meeting agendas in our company (btw, I don’t work for Asana :slight_smile: ) - like this, you keep all of the information connected and actionable and you don’t need additional docs.

Check out the video here, and the tips in the article might inspire you to use the weekly agenda project in a slightly different way.