More powerful capabilities using text custom fields

I’m a voice of customer program manager using Asana to capture product feedback from sales and route it to the appropriate product team. When a new form is submitted, there is a custom field to capture the submitter’s email address. We use this email address to:

  • Using Zapier to find the asana user based on their email address and automatically add that submitter as a follower to the Asana task, so they are notified when PMs have questions or update the roadmap status of the request.

Now that this process is a company wide norm, Sales people want to have custom views, projects and reports of their submissions. For example:

  • Automatically multi-home my submissions to a separate project. (rules doesn’t allow for this today)

  • Create reports and dashboards filtered by only my submissions. (charts doesn’t allow for this today)

For now, sales people can create and save an advance report view, but that view does not support custom fields in the grid.

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You should consider creating two separate threads, this is the way we work on the forum.

Indeed rules do not work with text fields.

And yes indeed again, text field can’t be used to filter in dashboards.


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