More Functionality for Templates - Find and Replace - deadlines

We have three video releases a month. Each video project has about 150 tasks. If I assign something to someone without having the Artist’s name on the task, they have no idea what it’s for. Therefore, I set up our template with “Artist:” at the beginning of each task. When we sign an artist I have to go in and copy and paste their actual name to replace the generic version. Doing this 150 times is a bit of a pain. It would be awesome if there was find and replace feature so that I change all at once. Also they due date feature that you currently have doesn’t work for me. I tried using that in the template, but then when I created the project it would hold to the specific dates and then if I had to change the due date, I had to change all the individual dates. Having a better due date feature where I can set the template to say this task is due X weeks before the deadline and this task is due X weeks on Wednesday before the deadline would make my life so much easier.

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